Our Process

The Sagepath Financial Planning Process

What are the steps?
What should your financial adviser do?

Step 1

Issue Disclosure Statement

Give you a copy of the Disclosure Statements. This outlines your adviser’s qualifications, experience, who they work for and how they get paid. Ask for a copy if it is not provided.

Step 2

Gather Client Information

Collect detailed personal information from you relating to your current financial situation.

Step 3

Conduct Needs Analysis

Help you to identify your future goals and sensitivity to different levels of risk. This includes your investment risk as well as your need to risk protection insurance.

Step 4

Prepare Written Recommendation

Consider different strategies and options that will enable you to meet your identified goals. These will be presented as written recommendations.

Step 5

Present Advice & Client Agreement

Present the written recommendations and explain how these fit your needs. Your financial adviser will also explain any risks and costs associated with the recommended strategy.

Step 6


When you are happy to proceed with the strategy, your financial adviser will help to put the plan in action.

Step 7

Review the Plan

Review your plan periodically to make sure your situation or needs have not significantly changed.